MicroLaser Peels (MLP)

MicroLaser Peels (MLP)

Wrinkles and sun damage have a way of creeping into and disrupting our complexion. These aging signs can be truly damaging to our self-esteem. If you’re struggling with these or other similar issues, we have your solution. Our MicroLaser Peels are made to exfoliate the topmost layer of your skin and allow newer, more beautiful skin to grow in its place. Treatments take little time, and the results are transformative.

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What Are MicroLaser Peels (MLP)?

MicroLaser Peels rely on a scanning erbium laser to exfoliate the surface of your skin. This is done in a precise manner and at a specified depth to properly address your issues. Treatments can be adjusted to be more or less aggressive, depending on your needs.

What Do MicroLaser Peels (MLP) Address?

These treatments are an excellent choice for those struggling with pigmentation issues or scarring. Aging signs are also a major concern that can be treated using this method. Some of the most common concerns treated by MicroLaser Peels include:

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

During this treatment, a laser system will be used to ablate the top layer of your skin. The laser handpiece will be placed against the treatment area, and pulses of laser light will be used to treat it. The process will exfoliate your skin, leading to peeling and an eventual rejuvenation as new skin grows in.

What Results Can I Expect?

Several sessions may be needed to give you the results you want. At Lavana, we will take the time to evaluate your needs and curate a complete treatment schedule. These treatments are non-invasive, but some side effects such as redness can be experienced.

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MicroLaser Peels are a great non-invasive solution for improving your skin. At Lavana, we strive to give you the results you want and work with you until you’re happy. To learn more, schedule a FREE consultation by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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