LipLase<sup>™</sup> Lip Plump

LipLase Lip Plump

Dermal fillers aren’t the only way to get the plump lips you’ve been dreaming of. LipLase Lip Plump by Fotona is a revolutionary, non-invasive lip augmentation system made to help you feel beautiful. Treatments take little time and don’t require any outside chemicals. If you’re interested in getting bigger lips, get in touch with our Lavana team today.

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What Is LipLase Lip Plump?

LipLase uses an Er:YAG laser to create an immediate response that your will notice. Unlike dermal fillers, the LipLase treatment is non-invasive, and there is nothing artificial involved. All this treatment does is help your body develop its own collagen to plump your lips. Fullness, volume, a well-defined vermilion border, and ideal balance can all be achieved through a few simple passes with this device.

How Does LipLase Work?

A LipLase Lip Plump treatment involves several passes with our Er:YAG laser system. These passes generate heat that stimulates the production of collagen. Fuller lips can be seen as more collagen is created around your mouth. The benefits of this treatment include: 

  • Fuller, smoother lips.
  • Stimulate collagen remodeling.
  • Initiates new collagen synthesis.
  • No needles, no downtime.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

During your treatment, the Er:YAG laser will be passed along your lip area. As it passes, the device will emit pulses of laser energy. These pulses will stimulate the production of collagen through heat, which will improve the plumpness of your lips. The entire process is non-invasive and generally well tolerated.

What Results Can I Expect?

You can notice an improvement in the size and shape of your lips at the end of your session. However, several sessions may be needed to achieve your desired results. At Lavana, we strive to help our clients reach their beauty goals, both inside and out. As such, we will work with you to ensure that you get the look you want each and every time.

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Get the plump lips you want with our needles or chemicals here at Lavana. Our LipLase Lip Plump treatment is a great option to improve your lip size. To learn more, schedule a FREE consultation by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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