Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are some of the most characteristic signs of aging. Now, you can do something about them. Here at Lavana Medical Aesthetics, we offer several treatment options for reducing the appearance of these wrinkles. Along with our tried and true injectables, we also offer the SmoothEye® skin tightening solution. Your treatment will be based on your unique needs. Treatments take little time and even less downtime afterward.

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How Do Crow’s Feet Develop?

These wrinkles develop as our collagen production declines. This occurs as we age and is often accompanied by facial volume loss and sagging skin as well. While some people try over-the-counter creams to erase these wrinkles, solutions like BOTOX® Cosmetic can be more effective.

What Are the Signs?

The term “crow’s feet” refers to the wrinkles on the sides of our eyes. These wrinkles appear naturally when we smile or make other dramatic facial expressions. However, as we age, these wrinkles become ever-present, making us look much older than we feel. While not a medical issue, reducing the appearance of these lines can certainly make you feel more confident.

Our Solutions for Crow’s Feet

We offer both an injectable treatment and laser treatment to combat crow’s feet. When you arrive for your consultation, we can work with you to figure out what better fits your needs.

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Whether you’re interested in an injectable or laser procedure, we can help. At Lavana, we strive to help our clients look and feel their absolute best. Schedule a FREE consultation at our Calgary office today by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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