NightLase<sup>®</sup> Snoring Treatment

NightLase® Snoring Treatment

Do you struggle with sleep apnea? Does your partner have trouble sleeping due to your snoring? If so, we have your solution. At Lavana, we offer the NightLase® snoring treatment to help you and the ones you love sleep better at night. It’s not a nasal strip or chin strap but a quick laser procedure. NightLase® works by tightening your oral mucosa tissue. This treatment is safe, effective, and requires little downtime.

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What Is NightLase®?

NightLase® is a treatment that involves the use of Fotona’s Er:YAG laser. This laser system uses energy pulses to heat the mucosa tissue in your mouth. The process is gentle yet effective in stimulating your body’s natural collagen production response. The tissue in the targeted area is contracted, creating a tightening effect that reduces snoring without the need for any external remedies.

How Does NightLase® Reduce Snoring?

The anatomy of your mouth can play a major role in how much you snore. Having a low, thick, soft palate can narrow your airway. This is common in those who are overweight. Likewise, if your uvula is elongated, it can obstruct airflow and increase vibration. These issues can be corrected by NightLase®’s ability to contract your oral tissues.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

During your NightLase® treatment, a laser light will be used to heat your mucosa tissue. This will cause the tissue to tighten. The tightening effect will, in turn, decrease the force of the sound made during sleep.

The procedure is performed in two simple steps:

  • Step 1: Preconditioning – The laser light preheats the tissue.
  • Step 2: Tissue Strengthening – Laser light strengthens the tissue.

What Results Can I Expect From NightLase®?

A full course of NightLase® treatment consists of three separate treatment sessions over a six-week period. The final result of this treatment has been shown to last up to a year. Since this treatment is non-invasive, it can be performed several times without the risk of complications.

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If you struggle with sleep apnea and are in need of a solution, NightLase® may be right for you. To learn more about this and our other treatments here at Lavana, schedule a FREE consultation by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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