Fotona Scar Revision

Fotona Scar Revision

Facial scarring can be hard to deal with for most. Whether it’s a keloid scar or acne scarring, it can have a big impact on your confidence. In the past, getting rid of these scars was a difficult process. Now, you can have the beautiful skin you want thanks to our Fotona scar revision system. At Lavana, we use dual-wavelength scar-revision therapy to give you the skin texture you want non-invasively and with little, if any downtime.

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What Is Fotona Scar Revision?

Our Fotona scar revision system uses a combination of Nd:YAG and fractional-ablative Er:YAG wavelengths. When brought together, these lasers provide immediate visible results to scarred areas. Dual-wavelength scar treatment therapies like these not only address a scar’s aesthetic appearance but also address the scar’s vascular feeding system. This ensures that the scar is gone for good.

How Does Fotona Scar Revision Work?

Laser scar removal is a simple process that involves the use of a handpiece set against the skin. Our laser system works by releasing “pulses” – or bursts of laser energy that disrupt scarred areas. At the same time, these bursts stimulate the production of collagen. Over time, the excess collagen heals your skin, giving you beautiful scar-free results.

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

You will be provided with eye protection during your treatment session. Once you’re ready to begin, you will be asked to lie down. Our technician will then use one of our laser systems to target your scarred areas. 

As the laser goes to work, you may feel a heating and a snapping sensation against your skin. Most patients find the experience tolerable. The duration of your treatment will depend on your scar size and severity.

How Long Do Results Last?

A few treatment sessions may be needed to get rid of scars completely. However, this treatment has been shown to be a great solution for acne, nasal, and facial scars. After you’ve completed your treatment course, you will see a major reduction in the appearance of your scars. For more info, we welcome you to get in touch with our Lavana team.

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Don’t let scars define you. Our Fotona scar revision treatments can help you get the smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re ready, get in touch for a FREE consultation today. You can reach us by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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