Exosomes Therapy

Exosomes Therapy

Exosomes Therapy is a breakthrough science using stem cell technology used for skin and hair rejuvenation.

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What are Exosomes and how can it help with hair regrowth and scalp health? 

Exosomes are small vesicles released by cells that contain various signaling molecules, growth factors, and genetic material. Our Exosome serum is specifically formulated for hair and scalp health. The plant based secretory factors are part of a signaling cascade specifically formulated to support hair growth. 

How does it work? 

Exosomes have been shown to reduce inflammation and increase hydration and blood flow to the scalp. The topical serum also aids in the removal of dead cells from around the follicle, and enhances the appearance of fuller, healthier hair. It also increases proteins which are integral to the fortification of the bulb responsible for hair growth. 

What should I expect? 

Our technique utilizes a 24-karat gold plated micro injection stamping system to create small channels on the scalp. These channels are then treated topically with Exosomes. The procedure is quick, taking less than 30 minutes and has none to minimal downtime. A minimum of 4 treatments are recommended; however, this will vary for each client based on your stage and type of hair loss.

What are the benefits? 

Hair Growth Stimulation: Growth factors within the Exosome can stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells and promote the transition of hair follicles from the resting phase (telogen) to the growth phase (anagen). 

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Inflammation in the scalp can contribute to hair loss and hinder hair regrowth. Exosomes possess anti-inflammatory properties and can modulate the immune response in the scalp. By reducing inflammation, exosomes can create a more favorable environment for hair follicle regeneration. 

Improved Hair Follicle Health: Exosomes contain various bioactive molecules, including proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, which can enhance the health and vitality of hair follicles. These molecules provide essential nutrients, promote cellular communication, and support the maintenance of hair follicle stem cells. 

Non-Invasive Procedure: Exosome treatments for hair restoration are typically administered through injections into the scalp. This approach is minimally invasive compared to surgical hair restoration procedures such as hair transplants. It generally does not require anesthesia or significant downtime, making it a convenient option for individuals seeking non-surgical hair restoration solutions. 

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