Deep Fractionated Combo MLP

Deep Fractionated Combo MLP

At Lavana Medical Aesthetics, we believe in finding the right solutions to help our clients reach their goals. This process involves understanding your needs and developing treatment combinations to match. One such combination is the Deep Fractionated Combo MLP. This solution combines the power of microlaser peels with fractional skin resurfacing. The result is a full skin rejuvenation that is hard to match.

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What Is the Deep Fractionated Combo MLP?

Deep Fractionated Combo MLP is a great solution for those who want to improve the look of their skin. This treatment features a combination of a MicroLaser Peel and Fractional Skin Resurfacing. By combining these two modalities, we are able to offer a great range of skin rejuvenation.

We can induce full collagen renewal or focus on specific areas of the face. How much peeling and collagen stimulation you need will depend on your issues. However, with this treatment, we have perfect control and can give you the results you want in a manner suited to your needs.

What Does This Treatment Address?

This combination treatment is perfect for addressing a range of skin conditions. From specific concerns to full-face issues, this solution can cover just about every aspect. Some of the most common problems we treat using Deep Fractionated Combo MLP include:

What is the Treatment Like?

Fractional rejuvenation follows a 3-step process:

Step 1 – Conditioning: An Nd:YAG beam is passed along the skin’s surface twice. The first pass provides a short stimulus while the second pass penetrates the tissue, preparing your skin for effective fractional treatment therapy.

Step 2 – Fractional Therapy: Old, worn-out skin is ablated away through a combination of MicroLaser Peels and fractional technology. This step sets the stage for new, tighter, and healthier tissue to form.

Step 3 – Peeling: The skin is ablated with a light full Er:YAG beam, which finishes the treatment and removes superficial imperfections.

What Results Can I Expect?

The major benefit of this treatment is that it can address a wide range of skin issues. From wrinkles to acne scars, our Deep Fractionated Combo MLP solution can tackle it all. The results of the treatment are a smoother skin texture and renewed collagen. For more information on what you can expect, we welcome you to set up a free consultation.

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The smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of can be a simple treatment away. At Lavana, we provide our clients with non-surgical solutions to help them look and feel their best. Get in touch and schedule your FREE consultation today by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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