Facial Volume Loss

Facial Volume Loss

A loss of facial plumpness is something everyone experiences. The problem arises from natural aging, but the good news is that there is something you can do about it. If you’ve noticed signs of facial volume loss, our team at Lavana Medical Aesthetics can help. We offer several Fotona treatment packages along with dermal fillers to help restore your look. Our treatments are non-surgical and provide transformative results.

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What Causes Facial Volume Loss?

Collagen loss is the main thing responsible for this and other aging signs. This issue is accompanied by subcutaneous fat loss. The resulting loss of elasticity and plumpness gives your face the characteristic signs of volume loss. The best way to regain these proteins and restore your look is through skin tightening and facial rejuvenation treatments.

What Are the Signs?

Hollow cheeks and thin lips are perhaps the most telling signs of facial volume loss. These structural changes usually begin around your 30s and get worse over time. If you feel that your face has become thinner, your skin has begun to sag, and the youthfulness of your complexion has diminished, our treatments may be right for you.

Solutions for Facial Volume Loss

At Lavana, we provide our clients with comprehensive beauty solutions. Along with dermal fillers, we also offer treatment packages designed to give you the best result possible. We welcome you to schedule an appointment to discuss the best choice for your specific needs.

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Improve the appearance of your skin here at Lavana Medical Aesthetics. We offer a range of treatment options to give you the beautiful results you want. To learn more, schedule a FREE consultation at our Calgary office by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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