Fact Check: 4 PRP Facts You Need to Know

Fact Check: 4 PRP Facts You Need to Know

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been around since the 70s but has only become popular as an aesthetic treatment recently. Over the years, many studies have been conducted into this natural treatment’s use, safety, and benefits. Now, with so much information out there, how can you be sure what’s true and what isn’t?

Here at Lavana Medical Aesthetics, we want to ensure that our patients feel well-informed before undergoing any kind of treatment. platelets are safe and effective, but there is a whole lot you may want to uncover before you set up your consultation. Below are four facts about this rejuvenating treatment. If you want to learn more, we welcome you to contact our Calgary Clinic today.

1. PRP Isn’t a New Thing

You may have just recently heard about PRP, but as mentioned, this treatment isn’t new. PRP was first developed in the 1970s and was used in the 80s as part of surgical procedures, like open heart surgery. It became popular in the 90s and has since been applied in many medical fields.

Along with its use in the aesthetic space, PRP is widely used in sports medicine, pain management, and even dentistry. Due to its wide application, this treatment has developed a reputation for being safe, versatile, and effective.

2. This Treatment is NOT Surgical

Though one of the earliest uses of PRP was for open heart surgery, this procedure is not surgical. For medical applications, PRP is often injected into the treatment area. When it comes to aesthetics, this treatment is commonly applied to the skin using microneedling.

In either case, the procedure rarely requires downtime and almost always takes less time to perform than traditional surgery.

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3. PRP is Safe and Carries No Side Effects

Introducing foreign substances and chemicals into your body is a common concern among many of our clients. Fortunately, PRP is unlike most other treatments. This procedure relies on growth factors extracted from your own body.

The process involves a small blood draw, followed by the isolation of these growth factors and their reinjection into the area you want treated. Since the substance used is derived from you, PRP carries no risk of rejection and results in little to no side effects.

4. It Can Treat Hair Loss Signs Too

Skin rejuvenation is something PRP excels at. These treatments are coupled with microneedling procedures to stimulate healing and infuse your skin with natural growth factors. The benefits are reduced wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage.

But along with treating your skin, PRP has also been shown to reduce hair loss and stimulate follicle growth. Performing PRP hair restoration is straightforward. Growth factors are extracted the same way as a standard procedure and injected directly into the vascular layer of your scalp – it’s that easy!

Interested In a PRP Consultation?

If you would like to learn more about PRP, we can help. Our team at Lavana Medical Aesthetics can provide you with all the info you need before you try this procedure for yourself. Schedule a FREE consultation at our Calgary clinic by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

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